Ventura clinical trials

Dr. Sabine Hazan-Steinberg

  • Founder/CEO Ventura Clinical Trials
  • Founder/CEO Malibu Speciality Center
  • Gastroenterology/
  • Hepatology/Internal Medicine
  • Past Chief of Medicine at Community Memorial Hospital
  • Active Consultant for CRG
  • SERIES EDITOR for Practical Gastroenterology
  • Active Speaker for Pharmaceutical companies
  • 22 Years Experience in Clinical Trials

    About Dr. Sabine Hazan

    Dr. Sabine Hazan has over 22 years of experience in clinical trials and is the Founder and CEO at both Ventura Clinical Trials and Malibu Specialty Center.  As Principal Investigator, Dr. Hazan personally oversees clinical trials for high profile studies on diseases such as Hepatitis C, Hypercholesterolemia, and Pancreatic Cancer.  Her companies are leaders in Cardiovascular studies, Endocrine disorders, Infectious Diseases, Skin disorders and Gastrointestinal diseases and employ cutting edge technology and research practices to provide the best quality in drug therapy research.

    The first woman ever accepted into the University of Florida as a Clinical Gastroenterology Fellow, Dr. Sabine Hazan is a pioneer in the medical field.   Board certified in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Internal Medicine, Dr. Hazan has published articles in numerous prestigious medical journals, including theJournal of Duval County Medical Association and Gastroenterology, and won several awards, such as the Best Fellow Scientific Presentation and Dean’s Research Award awarded by University of Florida.  In addition,  Dr. Sabine Hazan is an acclaimed speaker and presented symposiums for influential medical organizations like the American 
Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Astra Merk, Inc.

    Dr. Sabine Hazan is the former Chief of Medicine at Community Memorial Hospital and an active consultant for CRG.  She currently retains medical licenses in three states (California, Florida, and New York).

    Personal Philosophy

    “I use logic when practicing and try to think outside the box. I always remind myself that much like every fingerprint is different, every patient’s symptom is different and one cannot practice like a robot. We are all humans attempting to stay a little bit longer on the planet. I never assume anything and never take anything lightly. I always try to be patient and listen and play detective with all the clues. Mostly, I realize that I am just a messenger and observe the miracles of healing that come from a higher power.

    Every action leads to a reaction is pure scientific thinking but the reason behind the action is unknown. We, humans are only specks on this planet who must recognize the presence of a higher power. As hard as existence is for everyone, it is just that “an existence for a fraction of time” and as much as we come to doctors for answers we must realize that sometimes there are no answers or reason.”

    Educational Background

    1987 – 1992 DALHOUSIE UNIVERSITY, Nova Scotia, Canada

    MEDICAL DIPLOMA (M.D) Awarded May 1992

    1984 – 1987 CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, Montreal, Canada

    Bachelor of Sciences (BSc.) Biology Major, Physical Therapy and Minor Nutrition

    1982 – 1984 CEGEP BREBEUF, Montreal, Canada

    D.E.C. Specialty in Health, Pure & Applied Sciences

    1) Be R, Hazan S, Gretz J, Buckley E, Kolts BE, McGee JB, Castell DO and SR Achem.Lower Esophageal Sphincter Relaxation time: Normal values and prevalence of abnormal values in Patients with Noncardiac Chest pain and /or dysphagia. Journal of Duval County Medical 
Association. – 47;7;296. June 1996.

    2) Hazan S, Buckley F, Castell DO and Achem SR. Octreotide Improves Sensory and Pain Thresholds in Patients with Noncardiac Chest Pain. Journal of the Duval County Medical Association. 47;7;291. June 1996.

    3) Be R, Hazan S, Gretz J, Buckley E, Kolts BE, McGee JB, CasteLl DO an SR Achem. Lower Esophageal Sphincter Relaxation time: normal values and prevalence of abnormal values in Patients with Noncardiac Chest pain and/or Dysphagia. Gastroenterology. April 1996;110:A6

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Dr. Alon Steinberg

Dr. Alon Steinberg

  • Co-founder of Ventura Clinical Trials
  • Board Certified in Cardiology/Nuclear Medicine/Cardiac CT
  • Active Division Chief of Community Memorial Hospital
  • Active Consultant for Board of Medicine of California
  • 22 Year Experience in Clinical Trials
  • Past Academic position at the University of Florida


» Cardiovascular Consultations
» Cardiovascular Testing
» Nuclear Cardiology Certified
» Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (Cardiac CT) Certified
» Non-Interventional Cardiac Catheterization

Medical School

University of Texas Medical Branch


Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami


Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami


University of Florida Hospitals


Cardiovascular MRI, Berlin Heart Institute

Board Certification

Nuclear Cardiology
Cardiac CT

Professional Associations

Fellow of American College of Cardiology
Society of Cardiovascular CT
Society of Cardiovascular MRI
California Medical Association
Ventura County Medical Association
Phi Beta Kappa
Expert Reviewer/consultant for the Medical Board of the State of California
Former Board Member of American Heart Association of Ventura County

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Dr. Henry Oster

Dr. Henry Oster

  • Board Certified in Infectious Diseases
  • 30 years experience in Clinical Trials
  • Past Chair of Medicine