Ventura Clinical trials (VCT) is at the forefront of drug development. Founded by Leading experts in Gastroenterology and Cardiology. It is a physician owned company with over 23  years of experience in clinical trials.

VCT brings together board certified physicians, Ventura patients from our large database, regulatory personnel , nurses, pharmacists, psychologists, nutritionist, highly experienced clinical research coordinators and highly specialized support technicians. Based in Ventura but with offices in Ventura, Westlake and Malibu, our facilities have state of the art equipment. We also are affiliated with Clinicaltrialsrecruit that uses social media platform, SEO platform to find patients and a music label that gives us access to millions of patients. Cutting edge research starts with understanding cutting edge marketing and this is our specialty.

We conduct phase I to IV studies and have access to private endoscopy centers, cardiac centers, pathology centers as well as radiology. We are also affiliated with 2 community hospitals and provide a 48 hours turn around for IRB approval as well as trial and budget approval.

Our regulatory team as well as our recruiting team has been amongst the first in previous studies in study start – up and finishing time.

Our Quality assurance department and performance allows you to make great decisions about your product.After 23 years and multiple audits by Sponsors, FDA and EMA we are proud to report NO 483 or major findings. Our investigators are amongst the top researchers on all cutting edge technology and IP. We are also the leading research group for the Microbiome and gut Bacteria.

OUR CEOS are Dr Sabine Hazan and Dr Alon Steinberg. Dr Sabine Hazan started the research center with Sami Achem at University of Florida 25 years ago and was recognized as a pionneer woman gastroenterologist at University of Florida in Jacksonville. She received multiple awards for her research by the ACP, and Dean’s research award from University of Florida for her work on Visceral Hyperalgesia. She is a worldwide speaker on the Microbiome and is the Series Editor for Practical Gastroenterology on the Topic.

Dr Alon Steinberg is a world famous cardiologist best seen on Dr Drew, CNN, Pierce Morgan and the Jane Valez Show. Best known as the expert on The Michael Jackson Conrad Murray trial, Dr Steinberg works for the Board of Medicine of California and consults for the DA as well as multiple legal firms.