Influenza Ventura

We can take on the flu as soon as the flu takes on you!

When you reach for the tissues this flu season, think CAPSTONE-2 the CAPSTONE-2 clinical research study will try to find out if an investigational flu drug can speed up the recovery to people with the flu who are at risk of further complications,when compared to a placebo (a look-alike containing no medication) and a drug already approved to treat the flu called Tamiflu ( also know as oseltamivir).

Those taking part must: Have flu symptoms (such as fever, aches, pains, cough, sore throat) for less than 48 hours

Be at least 12 years old

Be at risk of developing further complications (for example, those with another health condition and those over the age of 65)

Taking part in the study means visiting a clinic between 7 and 9 times for health checks.
these checks, along with any study-related drugs, will be provided at no additional cost.
you do not need health insurance, and compensation for time or travel will be provided up to $900

Because you need to enroll in the study 48 hours of becoming ill, it is important to get in touch with the study team as soon as possible after symptoms appear.

If you think you/your child may be suitable, please contact Ventura Clinical Trials
1835 knoll Dr., Ventura Ca 93003 Influenza Ventura California   Call 1 866 947 6815